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The professionals at Z Cleaners LLC of Sterling, Virginia, perform detailed drapery cleaning and installation to ensure your home is stunning. Our services keep your curtains in clean, prime condition.

Drapery: Service


One of the essential elements that enhance the unique character of your house are draperies. Proper care and keeping them clean will not only keep your family safe and safe but also will extend their beauty for years to come.

Draperies come in many different shapes and materials therefore maintaining them requires vast knowledge and experience. Many custom items are one of kind and irraplaceble that could be only trusted to our professional hands.

Draperies collect dust, making them the perfect hiding place for various bacteria. They are also a source of allergies, and need to be skillfully taken down, cleaned, and re-hung. Draperies can be made of a very delicate material and when not handled by a professional, they are easy to shrink and become misshapen. This is why our specialists do the job right so they always look brand-new.

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