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Upholstery Cleaning: Service

Soiled and stained furniture is catches the eye of visitors perhaps even more quickly than dirty carpet. The average person has direct skin contact with their upholstery more often than their carpet. Why spend the money on new furniture when cleaning can have such a dramatic effect on your current upholstery's appearance? Why clean yourself and your clothes and bedding only to sit and lay on dirty upholstery?


Z Cleaners uses a dual process steam cleaning process method on synthetic and most natural fabrics, but comes equipped to dry clean, or damp foam your upholstery. Dual process steam cleaning is by far the most effective.
Here's how we do it...
We then precondition and scrub your upholstery with the proper solution based on the fabric type and soiling.
We steam clean with a deodorizing all fiber rinse that leaves your upholstery free of soil and detergent residue. It will be bright, soft, and fresh smelling. We can also dry clean or damp foamfor more delicate fabrics.
We finish the cleaning by spot treating any remaining spots with our robust spotting kit featuring the best solutions for paint, oil, grease, ink, rust, make up, gum. We even have the fix for troublesome problems like red stains, candle wax, and ink. There is an additional charge for these items due to the labor intensive methods necessary for success.
We can also apply an anti-microbial sanitizer to eliminate odor causing bacteria and most viruses. ScotchGard is recommended as a fabric protector.

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